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A Funny Mother’s Day…

My son has such a sense of humor & loves to get me mugs with funny sayings. This is my new mug for Mother’s Day… He says this one is the best one yet and it should be my new mantra!!!  Such a funny guy! 

See in our family, I’m the early bird.. like REALLY early– usually 5am with no alarms! And most days I wake up sparkly and hit the ground running before I’ve even had my tea! Some days I wish I could sleep in to like 7:00 on a Sunday…yeah that ain’t happening..

I am respectful of peoples sleep—and try my best not to wake anyone… Most mornings,it’s quiet with the birds chirping outside, I enjoy my tea & breakfast on the deck with the news or a craft..  ok. ok ..I plot about TEA!

And to be kind… I don’t put on my Happy Morning playlist on the speakers until 7:00.. When my 20-year-old complains about this I just say “Hey- I can bring back the vacuum!!— I mean really who doesn’t like Jon Batiste & New Orleans Jazz at 7am??? LOL! 

Anyhow… by the time everyone else wakes up—I’m 3 pots of English Breakfast or Summer Thyme tea ahead of them and well.. I’m a little CHATTY and happy to see them!

My son says I have too many questions and ideas for that early in the morning. (I should mention his ‘too early is 8am!)

By the time they are up, I usually have lots of plots for new adventures for the day … aka projects for the house like “Should we paint the bathroom coral today?” or “look there’s a free cable spool on Craigslist and Pinterest says we can do this with it!!! Whatcha think?!? Usually this is when they run with their first cup of coffee to the porch as I quickly switch strategy and throw in a sports commercial for “Let’s DO THIS!”)

But they are in for a surprise today… it’s Mother’s Day!!!

So my tea thermos is ready, the tunes are on, my teal boho hat is looking fabulous, and the dog & I are ready to go. Today’s adventures include a walk at Selkirk Shores, flower shopping at some local nurseries, and City Market at the Everson Museum of Art … Now I just have to wake them up… Fozie, go get the bugle!

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