Who We Are

The Little Tea Cart celebrates the many joys tea brings~ whether sipped from your grandmother’s heirloom china cup on a Saturday afternoon or from a travel mug while paddling on your favorite lake. 

Sunset Lake Ontario

A Few Words About

old tea carts and a dream

The Little Tea Cart rose from an old neglected wooden tea cart and 3 pounds of left over tea.
In both cases, we were asked 'So what are you going to do with this?’
We’re creative imperfectionists who believe in sharing the good stuff. 
The old neglected tea cart was painted with some DIY paint color that turned out to be ‘Tiffany Blue’.
 It now graces a dear friend's beautiful Victorian Farmhouse and one of your favorite LTC photos!


And the 3 pounds of tea… well tea friends it slowly turned into what is now The Little Tea Cart… 
Our goal is simple. To explore and to share organic teas and other wonderful things with you.
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