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Cabin Fever, Wellness & Phil

I don’t know about you but I’ve got Cabin Fever! Thank goodness for our collection of Cabin Fever Teas and it’s Ground Hog Day !

Mexico,NY Winter 2017
February here at home in Mexico,New York Credit: Palladium Times

My cabin fever was very low this Winter until the Polar Vortex came along! -50 degree wind chills and a day with a high temperature of 1- yep that’s right.. 1 degree! We kept the wood stove and the kettle going for some added warmth. Family members ran into the city to donate warm clothing and emergency gear for homeless outreach.

Bowls of soups and stews have been the highlight all winter but this past week they’ve taken on special meaning as extra hand warmers. (This Moroccan Stew is one of our family’s favorites!– course I always add a little something extra like kale or spinach much to my son’s dismay!

Come January cold and flu season is kicking into high gear but the thought of drinking cold orange juice just doesn’t cut it! Plus mid-January the holiday decorations are down and no matter what I do with my plants the house looks a little well… blah.

Crisp cold mornings make tea a necessity!

By the time the last week of January hits we’re into the Winter blues a wee bit, our area East of Lake Ontario is getting LOTS of lake effect snow- here we measure in FEET per storm, and a cold/flu is circling around our family.

Country living, winter in the North Country. Lots of lake effect snow off of Lake Ontario into the Tugg Hill Plateau
You can’t tell but this picture is my garden under 6 feet of fresh fallen snow from 4 days of Lake Effect Snows. A wonderful gift from Lake Ontario.

Colds, Winter Blues, and Cabin Fever just are not a good mix! The solution? Pack everything and move to Greece! hahaha not an option- I don’t think my 16 year old cat Leftie would approve!

My beautiful cat Leftie who is always wondering where I go and how can I leave her for anything or anyone else. We sip tea together several times a day!

One solution to not irritate Leftie and beat the Winter Blues is TEA !!! LOTS OF HOT CUPS OF TEA!

But not just any teas will do. In January and February it’s got to be high in vitamins and minerals, ‘citrus’ flavored and BOLD! So in addition to my favorite Earl Grey- we tend to sip on Snow Day, ImmuniTea, Blood Orange, and Winter Wonderland (hey there’s Hop and Apples- a hot cuppa is so yummy on a cold night!)

winter wonderland apple hops tea

This combination of teas are always on the kitchen island these days ready to steep & sip… and so far knock on wood… We haven’t gotten sick with even a sniffle since December!

It’s always nice to share a cuppa with you and let’s face it who doesn’t need a hot cup of tea today??? We’ve even started calling them ‘Cabin Fever Teas’ because they just seem to break the fever!

So here’s my offer in the hopes that you and yours stay warm & stay well! And why not save a little bit of cash too!! (You know I just love to blend teas AND come up with a great deal for all our Tea Friends!) Drum rooolll please… Announcing the …

Cabin Fever Tea Collection for cold winter days

All 4 of our delicious wellness teas– a total of a 1/2 pound!!

PLUS they are on SALE until Thursday Feb. 7th!

So cheers to your health despite the bitter cold! Raise your tea cup to Old Man Winter and shout ‘HERE’S TEA IN YOUR EYE!’–(then run fast, go cuddle with your cat or dog for that last 6 weeks of cold weather until Spring!

Here’s hoping Phil makes a happy prediction so I can wear a Hawaiian shirt and serve iced tea at our annual cook out tomorrow in the snow for Ground Hog Day (Vegetarian menu of course!) May your Ground Hog Day & Super Bowl be filled with the warmth of family & friends–and lots of pots of hot tea!

Blood Orange Tea with blood orange
Blood Orange Tisane– we love to sip this hot with a dash of honey!

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