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Celebrating with Hot Teas in the New Year

January can be a tough month after all the glitz of the winter holidays come to a close. But January doesn’t have to be a downer because it’s also National Hot Tea Month! Here’s 3 ways to celebrate with a cup of hot tea!

Cold Winters day with hot tea to fit the chill. Frosty mornings and toasty mugs of hot tea. National Hot tea month/

January. A month when my friends and family in Florida like to remind me why they stay there or relocated. They love the cooler January temps during the day, but not the ‘chill’ of nighttime temps or rainy days. Here in Northern New York a temp of 40* with sunshine gets us so excited we break out the grills & shorts for BBQ parties! In either place we’re all sipping hot tea!

But let’s face it no matter what part of the US you live in the January days are much colder than you’d prefer! Top that with post-holiday and winter blues… January can be tough.


With it’s warmth and endless variety TEA is truly the cuppa that will revive you with creativity and inspiration!

While Americans drink more tea iced than hot– sipping a hot cup of tea on a cold winter day has many benefits. With winter’s dry air and cold/flu season, a hot cup(s) of tea hydrates, soothes, and heals your body due to it’s natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. So wonderful are these benefits you might want to drink a cup of tea no less than 3 times a day- black tea in the morning, a green tea for your afternoon pick-me-up and a soothing tisane like Harmony in the evening.

Health benefits aside- sometimes I think we’re really reaching for a hot cup of tea in winter because it’s like ‘a hug in a cup’!

A hot cup of tea in your hands melts away the cold, smells delicious, and brings out all the happy and cozy ‘feels’! Add a your favorite book, a warm blanket and some twinkle or candle light for a complete dose of Winter Time Hygge!

a cozy cup of hot tea. little tea cart

With all this magic in a cup of tea is it any wonder that January is National Hot Tea Month!

Here’s 3 simple ways to celebrate January, the New Year, and National Hot Tea Month!

1) Bless your tea cupboard and friends with new teas! Find out how to have a happier tea time here

2) Why not host a relaxed post-Holiday tea party with friends? A simple ‘Tea Swap & Tasting’- follow same guidelines as a cookie swap but with delicious teas! Include cards for guests to review each blend. Swapping out some of those teas in their crowded tea cupboard you’ll help your friends organize in the New Year!

3) Discover new blend from The Little Tea Cart! Our new Organic Tea Sipper Collection makes this super easy! A selection of 4 teas (5 servings each) for only $10 ! A great way to sip away the cold days of January!

We know the cold winter days can be tough. Here’s a very special hot tea deal to help get through the cold weather—

hot tea sale at The little tea cart

chai tea in the winter. enjoy a cuppa tea this winter. revive, relax and rejoice with hot tea. little tea cart

How are you celebrating with tea? Share your tips and ideas in the comments below!

Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year filled with wonderful memories and joyous tea times.

~Melanie, Fellow Tea Explorer at The Little Tea Cart

Find lots more creative tea ideas on our Pinterest page!

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