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With all the changes in our daily lives– a holiday can provide us with a dash of certainty.

Take this upcoming Valentine’s Day for instance. We know despite the challenges of last year and #stupidCovid there will be red and pink hearts everywhere, cards and flowers, and lots of chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

In the past, I’ve kept Valentine’s Day celebrations pretty simple with a focus on handcrafted & local businesses.  We’ve always celebrated the day as a family making handmade cards and gifts with a day trip or dinner out.

But this year with all the lessons of 2020 behind me I’ve been exploring celebrations with #stupidCovid being a factor. Dinner will be picked-up curbside so we still support our favorite but struggling local restaurant. Our visit to our local little flower shop for a Valentine’s bouquet will be curbside too.

And I’ve been trying to ‘up my gift game’ with making homemade treats for gifts.

Just making the recipe cards and wrapping up the finished goods in bright reds & pinks is FUN! It sure beats the winter blahs!

DIY Valentine’s Treats is a great idea for 2021 because …

  1. We’re all on a tight budget AND trying to stay home more thanks to #stupidCovid
  2. Many of us are home with our families – a DIY Valentine’s is a great family activity to share all the fun and love of the day with your kids!  Think of all the science and math your kids will learn just by baking scones!

Throw in some TEA, handmade cards & voila! Valentine’s Day becomes FUN again!

Valentine's Day Gift Basket for Tea Lovers


So this Valentine’s Day I’ve been searching for ideas that can be easily made with LOVE & TEA of course! 

Here’s a round up of 5 of the best! 


One of my favorite food bloggers is Jessica Hoffman at Choosing Chia.

hibscus rose lattes for valentine's day
Recipe & Photo Credit: Jessica Hoffman at choosingchia.com

Her recipes are so spot on and are always a hit! I mean who knew Almond Flour Pancakes would be so fluffy and great tasting?

Jessica did that’s who!!!

So when I was looking for a caffeine-free latte recipe for Valentine’s Day I naturally wandered over the Choosing Chia!

Here’s the thing… I was looking for a latte recipe that did not have Earl Grey tea–

Something pretty, pink, & unique that everyone would like to sip… AND a latte that could be served either in the morning or after dinner with dessert…

And voila- Jessica’s blog won yet again with this recipe for Hibiscus Rose Latte, a simple yet beautiful latte that brings together hibiscus, ginger, real maple syrup, rose water & a touch of cinnamon.

It’s a caffeine-free hot beverage sure to step up your latte game!

Super easy to make & what a pretty presentation! Make up a batch of these Hibiscus Rose Lattes for your family to sip while creating Valentine’s Day cards for grandparents and friends! — don’t forget to plate up some tea cookies too!

Pretty. Unique. PINK & yummy! 


Now… about that Earl Grey Tea…

From desserts to salad dressings, there’s so many wonderful recipes made with Earl Grey Tea! It’s such a favorite of mine I even have a Pinterest board titled ‘I LOVE EARL GREY’ ~ its filled with fun recipes made with Earl Grey Tea~

So this next tea treat recipe should come as no surprise!


This cake is what tea dreams are made of my friends!

Earl Grey Bundt Cake with Blood Orange Icing from Snixy Kitchen
Photo & Recipe Credit: Snixy Kitchen Click on this beautiful cake pic to head over to Snixy Kitchen for Sarah’s delightful recipe! Wait, is that drool on your chin? 


Whether or not you are living the gluten-free life– you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this cake!

It’s one of my favorite cake recipes from Sarah over at Snixy Kitchen.

I’ve made this recipe and while my pics had lots ot be desired– this cake made with our Earl Grey tea and Blood Orange tisane is oh so yummy!

To make this or any icing with tea~ just infuse the water or milk overnight with the tea!


Treat #3 Shortbread Cookies Made with Tea

A friend made these with Earl Grey for me once years ago for a little cheer up gift. Put onto a pretty china plate, wrapped with tissue and a simple ribbon they are quite the gift for any occasion.

But you can change it up by adding any tea to your shortbread recipe!Just grind up the tea super fine and mix with the dry ingredients! Experiment with your favorite teas!

For Valentine’s Day, I’m thinking our Devonshire Rose would be a great addition. Hmmm maybe with a lemon icing & a sprinkle of rose petals….

If you need organic hibiscus, roses, lavender or other ingredient for your recipes (even just a small amount) just send me a note HERE ~ I’m happy to help a friend out!

Seasons and Suppers Fabulous Recipe for Shortbread Cookies
Jennifer at Seasons & Suppers has some of the BEST recipes like these Vanilla Rose Shortbread Cookies. Click on her fabulous pic above for this EASY recipe…

I’ve made this recipe so many times–it’s really a fabulous shortbread recipe. Vanilla & Rose is really quite decadent! Sometimes will change it with a Chai, Earl Grey (I know…) and for the summer Blood Orange tisane for something different.

There’s always a few batches of these in in the freezer so I can quickly pair them up with some hot or iced Earl Grey Lattes or an Iced Ontario Lemonade in the Summer.

Just add any Jane Austin book or binge watch Bridgerton and BAM— date night! (you could also have a girls night in with all your gal pals via Zoom– just send along the recipes or cookies & tea in advance!)

Treat Idea #2:  Valentine’s Day Inspired Scones–

Your favorite scone recipe can easily be dressed up for Valentine’s Day. Simple additions of a pink icing, or raspberries and chocolate chips can make them of so special!

For YEARS, my favorite Valentine’s (or anytime) scone recipe has been from Alison over at Some the Wiser. Fresh Strawberry Scones- light, fluffy and oh so good. Alison is one talented single mama of 4 with a great blog and fabulous recipes! Give Alison’s blog a follow and share with your pals–  you won’t regret it!


fresh strawberry scones for Valentine's Day
Alison’s simple & easy Strawberry Scones are super good- why not add some chocolate chips for Valentine’s Day! Click image for the recipe! Credit: Some the Wiser

Last but certainly not least… hold onto your tea cups…

Treat Idea #1…

this is recipe is so good & so easy… I’m thinking it needs to be made at least 2 Sundays of every month at my house

If only so I can make a huge pot of Earl Grey Lattes and eat these while watching CBS Sunday Morning…in my jammies with my cat, Leftie…



I don’t where this recipe was or how this Earl Grey lover ever lived without it.. BUT I found this recipe two years ago on Tea Time Magazine’s Pinterest boards and it was LOVE at first sight.

Tea Time Magazine's Chocolate Waffles with Earl Grey Syrup
Credit: Tea Time Magazine. Click on image to discover this amazing recipe!

This recipe has only been made in my kitchen twice.

Only because I have no control when it comes to these 3 fabulous things…


The second time I made them I made the syrup using our Blood Orange Tisane~ because chocolate covered oranges are just delightful! (and the orange syrup on these waffles was too!)

But for Valentine’s Day 2021– oh yeah.

Family time may just have to be WAFFLE TIME this year!

My family LOVES homemade waffles… I mean when I make waffles at home I have to make a triple batch to put half of them in the freezer- not that they last that long in there either! 

WAFFLES– who doesn’t LOVE ‘em? 

Is there anyone who wouldn’t smile down at a plate of beautiful fluffy waffles???

The waffles and tea thing got me curious if I could up my waffle making game …

So I searched and found a 2nd WAFFLE & TEA RECIPE for us all to try… 

Thanks to the talents of Aberdeen who created the FABULOUS recipe–

this next recipe just might make us all WAFFLE MAKING LEGENDS in our families…

my friends I give you…. Aberdeen’s Kitchen recipe for…. 



Photo credit: Aberdeen’s Kitchen. Get the recipe by clicking on the pic of these delicous waffles… I can see you drooling …

OMG! YES- LONDON FOG. BLUEBERRY. WAFFLES….  Aberdeen is a genius… Let’s all stand up and give her a hand! 

Better yet, check out her amazing recipe HERE and share the WAFFLE LOVE with your friends! 


I hope this Valentine’s Day Tea & Treats Round Up inspires you to put on the tunes & the tea kettle and then make some happy Valentine’s Day treats for yourself, your sweetheart, kids or friends!

Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day recipe? Share in the comments below!

Find even more Tea Time Treats & Ideas HERE

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Until next time… be good. be safe. BE KIND & when in doubt drink TEA! 


Cheers to You!







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