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Brown Betty Teapots: An Unknown Summer Time Tea Essential

Traditional Brown Betty Teapots are handmade of special red clay in England and adds a classic and beautiful touch to any tea time. Read on to find out why these teapots are so beloved by tea drinkers around the world and how they can help you make your iced tea every day!

Adderley Brown Betty Teapots are as British as the Queen's Guard
This is how I feel in the morning AFTER I’ve had my morning cup of Earl Grey!Charging ahead into the day’s tasks in full colors and regalia! How about you??

Whether a formal or just a casual morning cuppa, Brown Betty Teapots are a classic touch to any style tea setting.

Made since the late 1600’s, Adderley Ceramics produces the highest quality Betty Teapots from Red Terracotta Clay and Rockingham Brown Glaze. Handcrafted with all ingredients from the U.K. Adderley Betty Teapots are more than just another teapot, this is a potential family heirloom! Click here for more info about these lovely teapots

Normally during the Autumn and Winter holidays many our of Brown Betty Teapots find happy homes as gifts to tea lovers. I noticed that in late February orders for these pretty teapots stopped coming in. I asked Melanie why. She explained this maybe because as the cold weather months pass and iced tea season approaches people start to focus on iced teas and special pitchers to make them in.

But I use mine everyday in the Summer to make iced tea!

Handcrafted Adderley Brown Teapot in Cobalt Blue with out handmade tea infuser that reads 'Dreaming of the Sea'
Our market Betty Teapot on tea duty with our ‘Dreaming of the Sea’ handmade tea infuser charms & sitting on our pretty tea mats by Laura Loxley Vintage
at the Watertown Farm & Craft Market.

During the summer I often make my iced tea in my 4 cup Brown Betty Teapot. First, I warm & rinse the pot with hot water. Then add my tea of choice and steep depending on the type of tea.

Green Tea Sampler

For more information about different types of tea and steeping your loose leaf teas click HERE

I do use one of these infusers to steep & strain black or green teas to avoid over steeping the teas. But if it’s a tisane (herbal tea) I simply strain the tea as I pour it with an English tea strainers.

After the tea has steeped (and I’ve taken out the infuser if used!) I just simply let the tea cool right in my pretty Brown Betty Teapot! While it’s still warm that’s the time to add any honey or agave. After it’s cooled I simply pour over a glass of ice sip & enjoy! If I’m going to be sharing with friends and using a large iced tea pitcher I just fill the pitcher with ice, add some lemons or other fruit, and pour the tea in.

Voila! Simple & oh so easy to try at home either with one of our Betty Teapots or another special teapot.

But before you do you are going to need some fabulous teas to make into iced tea!

I suggest you check out these links to the Little Tea Cart’s Top 10 Summer Teas and our Summer Tea recipes on Pinterest!

Best Iced Teas to Drink this  Summer

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