How to Steep the Perfect Cuppa Tea

The Little Tea Cart Farmers Market Tea Booth
The Little Tea Cart all set up and waiting for our Tea Friends!

You’ve brought your organic loose leaf tea home from the Farmer’s Market but now what?  How do you steep your tea for the perfect cuppa? 

You remember Melanie suggesting a cooler temperature and less time but can’t remember for which tea because you’ve brought home 4 different kinds!

Was it the herbal one called Ontario Lemonade, the malty & citrus Syracuse Breakfast or the Citrus Paradisi?  Citrus Paradisi Grapefruit White Tea Grape tea

No need to worry about how to steep your tea!

We’ve made a little ‘cheat sheet’ for you

so you can steep the perfect cup of tea! 

Don’t forget to pin this easy graphic to your Pinterest page!

Here’s to the perfect cuppa! 

how to steep the perfect cup of tea

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