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I love dogs but I hate Black Friday…

Why? Well…

First, I’ve been blessed with dogs who loved me like Candy above.. Just look at my old Candy’s sweet face! I mean really– she was so sweet and pretty in those Boho colors… Candy’s love & memory is a part of the inspiration behind this post AND the huge 3 day sale described below!!!

Second, I’ve always detested the idea of Black Friday and it’s weekend of intense competetion at some big corporate store for the best deal, gadget ect. I’m not saying I don’t love a deal–I’m saying I don’t personally like the concept or the practice of the weekend shopping blitz. Afterall it’s Thanksgiving weekend– not shop till you drop or yell at your kids/spouse/dog weekend! … 

Now to set the record straight…

I have shopped on Thanksgiving weekend. A pre-planned route with some family & friends to 5 small gift shops between Oswego, Mexico and Camden. (Hey they had holiday open houses, cookies, tea and lots of handmade items on Thanksgiving weekend!) Just picture 4-6 people crammed into a red mini-van flying down country backroads of Oswego County. We’re kinda like the Griswold’s traveling but with Snoopy music blasting as loud as our laughter thanks to the many cups of coffee, cocoa & chai!  Yeah- we’re a real hoot! 

Because of this fun & a love for shopping small & handcrafted businesses, I’ve never really gotten into the crazed corporate shopping of the weekend. Plus, I honestly think I’d rather have a root-canal than go into a big chain store that weekend! 

Why I’ve never even really gone to a doorbuster!!

I tried to go once with a friend just to see what the fuss was about… nope- after seeing how it brings out the worst in people I got right back in my car and went home… a week later my dear friend was home sick with the flu. Right there- no thank you!

Curried Chicken Soup from Real Simple
Photo credit Real Simple/Caitlin Bensel

I did make her my favorite recipe for Curried Chicken Soup from Real Simple though!– oh so good!  During the holidays I make a triple batch & freeze in 3 bags, then pop them into the ol’ crockpot on busy days… Sometimes I’ll even add some fresh cranberries! YUM! —


Anyway— if you’ve been in the Tea Tribe for a while you know I’ve offered a sales Thanksgiving weekend in the past. Just some free shipping, fun deals and always gifts with your orders.

Everything was on auto-pilot and my phone was in hand in case there were questions.

Instead of traveling & frolicking the backroads with my pals, I was here in the studio.

I’d spend the weekend filling lots of fun holiday orders, emailing, chatting with you on the phone about which tea your pals would like while sipping tea and nibbling popcorn or Christmas cookies… and lots of posting on Instagram & Facebook …

Family would pop over throughout the weekend, we’d visit, decorate the tree, ect so I’d go back and forth between the studio &  visiting with friends. It was lovely– so much fun!


Yeah- as if you didn’t know that! 

This year I will NOT be offering any Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday or Cyber Monday Sales.. NOPE. Not even one email, Facebook or Instagram post about the free shipping… nope..

In fact, the only email or post you will get from The Little Tea Cart on Thanksgiving Weekend will be to wish you and yours a joyful & safe holiday weekend. That’s it.

BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t want to help you save some dough on your holiday tea gift giving!

So this year, a new traditon… the I Hate Black Friday Sale… Yep I went there…

3 days of tea sales– some public deals & LOTS of Tea Tribe Exclusive Deals!

November 20-23 are the Happy Tea Dates!

PLUS 10% of all sales will be donated to United Friends of Homeless Animals,  a wonderful shelter for wayward pets in Richland,NY! 

We’ll be adding pet’s names to a card with our donation, so if you’d like to add a name please add it at check out! You can also make a direct donation by clicking HERE


During the sale days everyone can get:

  •  free shipping on orders over $75
  • 10% off orders over $25
  • a free 2 oz bag of Holiday tea with any Tea Time Box order!
  • Every order will also get a free Jingle Tea!

BUT TEA TRIBERS-– oh yeah Tea Tribers get some serious Thanks  during these 3 days!

During our big 3 day tea sale Tea Tribers will get the deals about PLUS ‘secret coupon codes’ for:

  • 10% off ANY order
  • Free shipping with any order of $50 or more
  • A pretty tea ornament & jar of honey with any order of $100 or more
  • a $5 bonus on gift certificates over $25
  • free shipping on orders over $75
  • a free 2 oz bag of Holiday tea with any Tea Time Box order!
  • and the free gift of Jingle Tea! (these are so cute aren’t they?)

Pretty great rewards for shopping small & handmade ‘eh?!?

Wondering what is a Tea Triber?  Tea Tribers are subscribers to our email list!

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Why are we doing this crazy ‘against the grain’ sale? 

Because if 2020 has taught us anything it’s to rejoice and celebrate the simple joys of life.

But I can hear you saying… 


“What about supporting small businesses like the Little Tea Cart?”

Small shops and makers need your help this season–There’s so many creative ways to support a makers dream! Here’s a few fun ways to help:

  • Share your favorite shops pages & posts on social media
  • Call a pal and tell them all about the shop!
  • Add a comment to posts on blogs like this one or our social media posts.
  • Follow, Pin & Share our pins on Pinterest.
  • Review our shops & handmade products
  • Shop only handmade ~ small businesses this holiday like #PlaidFriday 
  • Even a small order of a $1 post card means so much!

If you are going to shop on Thanksgiving Weekend I beg you to shop handcrafted & tiny businesses who desparately need your support! A few of our favorites for handmade holidays are:

You might be wondering what we’ll be doing on Thanksgiving Weekend instead of shopping…

We’ll be spending time with the ones we love both those in our ‘covid circle; of 6 and on Zoom

Here’s how we’re spending our Covid Thanksgiving Weekend (these plans have been changed 4x due to rising Covid numbers in our area!) As it stand right now- our little family is down to 3 humans, 8 cats and 2 small dogs for the weekend. Any guests are by Zoom & phone…

  • Thursday involves watching the dog show and then  volunteering for dinner deliveries in the afternoon in Pulaski.
  • Friday: decorating the house with 30+ years of Holiday decorations. Writing our holiday cards.
  • Saturday: Hosting a Zoom tea & tree decorating party that afternoon–baking in the morning with a Zoom call to Mom and my sisters.
  • Sunday a family nature walk with our dogs Fozzie & Verdi to collect evergreens & wild rosehips for making Christmas wreaths & swags out in the barn. Then delivering them with cookies to some friends mailboxes! I will be thinking of Candy while driving– she LOVED making deliveries!

Yep that’s it. Just chilling in gratitude. That’s how we try to roll. We hope you will be too.

Now, I’m sure you have a list of fun traditions for Thanksgiving Weekend 2020 style.

Please share them in the comments–I’d love to see how you are changing it for Quarantine !)  Need some ideas? check out Oprah’s page and of course the CDC’s page has some great ideas!

1 thought on “I love dogs but I hate Black Friday…”

  1. I’m not a Black Friday shopper either. In my world, the day after Thanksgiving is reserved for putting up the Christmas tree and decorations, and enjoying time with family.

    I am really trying to spend as many of my holiday dollars as possible with local artisans and small shops. I look forward to shopping your pre-Black Friday sale, and I will raise a mug of tea to you on the day after Thanksgiving.

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