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Lemonade Tea

It’s Iced Tea Time in Central New York!

Ever wonder what tea to chose for your next pitcher of iced tea? Let your tea friends who stopped by tour booth at the Watertown Farm & Craft Market help you with that!

It’s only May 30, 2018… and here in Mexico, New York (home of Lake Effect Snows of 15+ feet! yep-FEET!) we are all basking in 97 degree weather, porch sitting and sipping iced tea!

At the Watertown Farm & Craft Market everyone is enjoying the heat and sunny weather! So many wonderful vendors are at this market- arts, plants & food what’s not to love!

The Little Tea Cart Farmers Market Tea Booth

Despite the heat we’ve had lots of fun visiting with our tea friends in Watertown as they get their veggies for their summer salads, flowers for their gardens and LOTS of great teas for making delicious sun teas!

On such as hot day we know your going to be reaching for the iced tea pitcher!

So I thought why not share a list of the most popular teas selected by our Tea Friends at the Watertown Farm & Craft Market today!

In order of popularity via sales at today’s market

Ceylon Organic Black Tea

#10 Ceylon Black or Green Ceylon – either makes a lovely glass of iced tea- and a nice tea for icing for beginners!

#9 Summer Turmeric is always a favorite- a sweet fruity blend with a bit of zing!

A dash of honey makes it sing!

#8 One of our first creations and always the most popular blend at the markets! Harmony is caffeine-free and with a sweet taste- Perfect for sipping on a porch on a hot summer night!

I love to add a few slices of orange to my iced tea glass with this one!)

#7 Darjeeling lovers get excited about the Spring Flush (the first tender tea leaves picked in the Spring). Spring & Summer Flushes of Darjeeling have different notes but both make lovely iced teas!

strawberry tea

#6 Ahhh strawberries! Central New York has so many wonderful berry-picking spots it’s hard to chose just one! Here’s at the Little Tea Cart we get very excited about berry picking- strawberries & raspberries are our family’s favorite berries. That’s why Strawberry Delight has BOTH! A delicious black tea for a true taste of SUMMER!

Raspberry Tea with Apples Hibiscus Rose Hips

#5 We think of Raspberry Delight as the caffeine-free sister to our Strawberry Delight Tea. Made with Apples, Raspberries, Hibiscus and Rosehips– Raspberry Delight is bright and fruity! A beautiful tisane of bold RED color & Summer flavors! Delicious & gorgeous in your ice tea pitcher! Add sliced oranges, fresh raspberries or fruit skewers for a dash of decadence!


Ontario Lemonade Rooibos Lemon Peel Lemon Myrtle Lime Organic Tea

#4…. Summer by Lake Ontario certainly make up for the harsh winters! Inspired by sipping homemade lemonade at our favorite Lake Ontario beach. Caffeine-free and packed with a sweet lemon flavor thanks to lots of lemons & NYS Maple!

Moroccan Mint Tea with Apples

#3 Moroccan Mint– a quintessential Summer blend! Moroccan Mint is loved for it’s taste and Mint’s power to cool you down fast on a hot summer day. Plus it’s a tummy tamer after all those BBQs!

Some may say ‘yeah yeah- all Moroccan Mint is the same.’- but tea fans of Moroccan Mint will tell you otherwise! Our Moroccan Mint is blended with Gunpowder Green Tea, Peppermint, Spearmint and APPLES for a sweet finish! So popular we bring extra to the markets!

Organic Black Tea Mango Hibiscus Apples Rose Hips

#2 Mangos! Mangos! Mangos! Our tea friends in Watertown sure LOVE mangos cuz we sold out of Somerset today! Sweet, fruity and packed with Vitamin C this tea is GREAT for your afternoon ‘pick me up’!

#1 and today’s most popular iced tea blend at the Watertown Farm & Craft Market is:………(mini-drum roll there) 

Bohemian Spice Tea Cranberries Rose Hips Apples Blackberry Cinnamon

BOHEMIAN SPICE! I’m delightfully surprised Bohemian Spice was the #1 favorite tea this week! We sold out at 1:00! Maybe because almost every tea friend to visit our market booth took some of this sweet & gently spicy tea home!

Maybe it’s the cranberries? the Cinnamon? Either way samples were sipped & many SMILES made!

There you have it– 10 fabulous iced tea blends for a hot Summer day selected by your tea friends in at the Watertown Farm & Craft Market !

Want to try a Summer Iced tea blend and can’t decide which one? Want to save some dough?

Order our nearly famous Tea Sampler to put some fun in your Summer Tea Time! Why get a sampler?

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Our iced tea sampler gives you 4 organic teas to explore! That is more than 40 servings of loose leaf tea to sip & enjoy on a summer’s day! All for only $20 !

Iced Tea Blends for Summer

Have you tried one of the teas above? Let us know which ones you’ve enjoyed and any recipe ideas in the comments below!

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