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It’s just amazing how 1 little thing can change your life!

Ever find a treasure and be called to take it home when you have no idea what to do with it? Then when you bring it home… BAM!  That 1 little thing changes your life!

Suddenly light bulbs are dinging and you are having lots of ‘ah-ha! moments on how fabulous your treasure would be here or maybe there- and then your creativity kicks into to save the day! — Yeah that surge of creative inspiration is a great feeling isn’t it!  With or without a little Pinterest magic!

That’s what happened with this little sign I found a year ago at a craft store. Just this 1 little thing…

Life is Now in Session Tin Signs

Not very pretty or in my style- which is very colorful!I had no idea what to do with it. I just knew I LOVED the saying and the tin. Yep, just this 1 little thing had me inspired!

I wanted see this quote every day so I thought the kitchen would be perfect. Our kitchen is a soft modern style in an old farmhouse with lots and lots of art on the walls, plants, and tea. Lots of tea!!

It's all about the little things. Like wooden tea boxes, pretty tea bags, and farmhouse decor with some bright colors.

BUT…being someone who LOVES bold colors and a HUGE fan of Justina Blakeney you just know I just had to get creative with it!

So I grabbed some BOLD purple acrylic paints and then….

I painted the entire SIGN. Yes, the entire sign! PURPLE 

While it dried I put the kettle on, made a pot of breakfast tea…

Monet Tea Pot with My favorite tea mug

and then…

I played for an hour scraping off the areas with creme underneath with toothpicks and a small Popsicle stick.

Yep- you read that right..  toothpicks and a Popsicle stick. Talk about creativity to make this 1 little thing POP!

I must tell you… during the whole time of scraping and sipping my tea… my whole family wondered if I’d finally lost it. (Again)

There were lots of  comments like “if you didn’t like the color why did you buy it???’ and “I thought you had to do the tea pot inventory?”


All because of this 1 little thing… a simple act of creativity


“I’m not just creating- I’m procrastinating with style!”….

(Yep- I’m going to get  A LOT of mileage out of that one!)


Literally friends! Painting and scraping with toothpicks while sipping tea led me into a kind of ‘If You Give a Mouse A Cookie’ trail…

  •  “I do this all the time yet forget how much fun this is!”

  • Then came Cookie Crumb 2:  “I really do spent lots of time looking at stuff like this, art, and handcrafted decor. No wonder all my friends who are artists are so happy.!”

  • Yet another cookie:  “My friends would love to do this! I could ask my artisan friends to lead a craft night! Ohhhh we could have a craft and tea party !!!”

Before I was finished with the sign… The lists of guests and creative tea party ideas of course got huge! All from this 1 little thing…. (darn cookies!)

Tea and Paint brushes for lot of CreativiTea That’s when I sadly realized that I don’t have enough room in my lovely old farmhouse for a creative tea party with seating for 45 people!

I’d argue for a bigger house but…I love my little house in the woods with its rustic garden and maple trees. Tea time in the Garden with Michael

The sad realization of not hosting a huge tea and crafting party happily mixed with the warm thoughts of all my wonderful creative friends. Could there be a way to share the cookie ahem magic of this fun little tea time I’d had.

And that my friends is when the light bulb dinged! And LOUDLY!

Want to know what came about because of 1 little thing? From a simple sign to…

Tea lovers gift set

And that is how our subscription box was ‘born’!Tea lovers gift set. Tea lovers subscription box Creative, Fun, Beautiful yet with a touch of Whimsy. To find wonderful things for you I reached out to over 20 amazing Artisans from all over the United States. Together we’ve created a box of beautiful & wonderful things for your home and heart.

Artisans like: Laura Loxley Vintage, Pink Honey Candle, Hilltop Pottery, and the Almond Cookie Company!

Now the only problem is whether we can fit all these amazing Autumn teas and handcrafted wonderful things into 1 box!

You can find out more about our artisans HERE 

and for your CreativiTea Box of Tea & Other Wonderful Things …. Tea subscription box

As for little sign that started it all? Well it’s proudly placed on the kitchen wall right above my tea pot!

Life is now in session so are tea parties

Isn’t it just amazing how 1 little thing can change your life!

What are some of your favorite creative art/crafty projects? Did any turn into an unexpected project or gift for someone?

Want a big surprise? Comment, Like and Share this post on your social media and I will enter your name for EACH share into our drawing for a FREE CreativiTea Box!

1 thought on “It’s just amazing how 1 little thing can change your life!”

  1. I am sooooooo excited! Looking forward to receiving my box! Your teas alone make it great and then add the stuff from the other artists and I know it is going to be amazing!

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