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Laura Ann’s Jams


Get in the Jam with Laura Ann’s Jams– we are WILD about these handcrafted & small batch jams and know you will be too!

Choose from 4 varieties: $10 each or get the ‘We Be Jammin’ gift set of all 4 jams for $35!

  • We Be Jammin’ Gift Set of All 4 jams

See below for the delicious descriptions but be warned your going to need scone mix too!’



We are delighted & overjoyed to introduce you to Laura Ann’s Jams– artisan & handcrafted jams from our dear friend, punk rocker & jam maker, Laura Ann Masura.

Selecting jams for your Holiday season was pretty tough since we wanted to bring ALL the jams.. But for now… choose from :

  • HOLLYWOOD MARMELADE, Valencia oranges combined with just a hint of cinnamon and cardamom. A classic, just like old-school Hollywood just a touch of spice, it will impress and satisfy any marmalade lover.
  • MAPLE PUMPKIN BUTTER, An autumnal treat for any time of year, a spreadably sweet fresh pumpkin flavor with a subtle sweetness of maple. Laura’s been making pumpkin butter since she was a little girl making it with her grandma– this is such a great pumpkin butter you’ll be putting it on EVERYTHING from martinis to cheesecake! She only makes 1 batch a year so you might want to order 2!
  • HOLIDAY MARMELADE… Tea friends, this was the first jar of Laura Ann’s Jam I tried and it blew me away! Sweet Valencia oranges, cranberries, and spice is OH SO NICE!  This rockin’ marmalade is made seasonally and in limited quantities, so get down now with this perfect party jam (besides “Night Fever,” but that’s a given!)
  • BOURBON BLOOD ORANGE…  With our Blood Orange Tisane as popular as ever how could I  not order this jam! Mediterranean blood oranges have a dramatic zest that is fantastic to work with! This gourmet jam combines its bright, citrus flavor with the signature earthiness of bourbon whiskey, providing a unique marmalade that isn’t too sweet or too tart. Add to your cart with our Orange ~Cranberry Scone Mix & Blood Orange Tisane for a magical gift for any citrus lover! Laura says, “This year’s 2020 batch is beautiful!!! In the new 10oz larger jars because bigger is just better with for your new favorite marmalade”.
  • WE BE JAMMIN’ GIFT SET…  when you can’t choose just 1 get all 4 and save $5! ** Yes we gift wrap each jam for you!

Laura Ann Masura is a punk rock drummer turned artisanal jam-making entrepreneur in L.A whose passion for jam making & cool flavors like Wild Blueberry Almond are inspired by her visits to local farmers markets & farms.

Her jams are have won prestigious awards from the LA Times, an Oprah fav, and even has been featured on Jeopardy! Laura Ann’s Jams are still handcrafted small batch and from local farms.

Committment to local foods is seen in all her jams. For example, Valencia Oranges are a key ingredient in many of these amazing jams and handpicked from local farms such as the E. Waldo Ward family farm in Sierra Madre. Follow Laura Ann’s Jam adventures on Instagram — we sure do!

** All photo credits Laura Ann’s Jams 

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

Hollywood Marmelade, Maple Pumpkin Butter, Holiday Marmelade, Bourbon Blood Orange, We Be Jammin' Gift Set


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