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Snap Tea Infuser


We could put the usual description for this stainless steel Snap Tea Infuser used for brewing one nice cuppa tea…

But let’s face it– Snap Infusers are just Good Fun!

Some of you will be mature with your Snap Infuser….  With great calm, poise, and the dignity your tea deserves you will simply add the tea to the infuser and gently place it into your mug or small tea pot….

There will be NO playing with the infuser pretending its the Cookie Monster before adding the tea.

NO using it as a magic wand or puppet to the great amusement of nearby children.

And NO using it as a casanet and dancing wildly around your kitchen to the sound of your tea kettle bubbling away and your dog singing a tune for you!

Nope- there will absolutely none of that foolish behavior from you!

With serene purpose and dignity you will quietly use your Snap Tea Infuser to steep your tea…







Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 5 in


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