I’m often asked… “How do you name the teas?”

ontario breakfast blend

So I thought I’d share the story of how one of our most popular blends was named…

Once upon a time… long long ago… there was a tea that had no name …

Ok… October 2016 was not that long ago but there was a tea with no name.

It been a very long day of stacking wood for the winter- like 5 full cords.  My carrot for the day was to just sit on the porch, put my feet up with a cuppa and sit with my old sweet dog, Candy.

While Candy was nibbling on her puppy scone.  I  was sipping a new blend that was delicious. I just couldn’t figure out what to name it. It had been over a month!

Now- naming a tea is important. The name should always reflect the blend– taste, origins and colors.

However, I also like to think about what is the tea “saying” to me.

What’s the impression it gives. Is it  smooth and mellow like a Vanilla Black? Or is it a party in a cup like our Raspberry Delight?

 I also like to try to come up with names that make people smile– like CHILL OUT!, Razz Ma Tazz, and Syracuse Breakfast. (Smiles are contagious people and we all need more of them!)

Anyhow–the tea I had been testing for a month and not being able to name–  It was a blend of Black and Oolong teas with a bit of Lapsang Souchong tea to give bit of ‘smokiness. Throw in some Rooibos and the entire batch was infused with Vanilla and a lovely splash of real Maple for sweetness.

It had all the 3 D’s–Delicious. Decadent. Different.


Harvest Moon Tea, black tea, vanilla tea, Autumn Teas

But what to name it? I’d share the list of names but frankly it’s embarrassing…

I will tell you that all my friends who sampled it said it brought to mind long walks in Autumn leaves and picking apples. But I figured they were all in wrapped up in the ‘Pumpkin Spice Craze’ of Fall…

I will also tell you that the name ‘Autumn’ was rejected  because it lacked “spunk”– this from a 6 year-old!

5 weeks later I still hadn’t come up with a name. I’d decided to call it “No Name Tea” and went about trying to get the house ready for the upcoming winter in Oswego County…

Country living, winter in the country.
You can’t tell but this picture is my garden under 6 feet of fresh fallen snow from 4 days of Lake Effect Snows. A wonderful gift from Lake Ontario.

There I am sitting on the porch with my sweet dog Candy, sipping the “No Name Tea”, with an ice pack on my sore yet stubborn back…

Then much to our surprise the Harvest Moon rose over the tree line! A huge moon– all deep golden with a few wispy clouds slowly rising in all it’s splendor. It’s times like this that keep me living out in the country!

Harvest Moon. moon rise

We enjoyed such a lovely Autumn evening of nature’s bounty that night- from the scent of the leaves, that beautiful moon, sitting in our swing and a hot cup of tea.

Of course, Candy and I had to add a few stanza’s of Neil Young’s ‘Harvest Moon’.  Just delightful. Though I’m not sure the neighbors thought so and we never did get a record deal!

So there we were… for 30 minutes or more enjoying the night.

Was I ever slow on the ‘uptake’! … I never even thought of naming the tea Harvest Moon until the moon rise was over!  And that’s when the proverbial ‘ton of bricks’ landed… just as Candy put her head in my lap to go to sleep…

Harvest Moon Tea, Laspsang Souchong Tea Black Tea, Oolong, Honeybush, Vanilla Tea Maple Tea

Sometimes we have to come full circle to ‘get it’… just like the Moon…


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